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Over-the-counter antifungal creams are sufficient for treating most cases of athlete's foot. Apply them as directed to the toes and foot. Common brands include. Athlete's foot is a contagious fungal infection of the feet that causes burning, itching and a bright red rash. Also known as tinea pedis, athlete's foot is. Athlete's foot, or tinea pedis, is an infection of the skin and feet that can be caused by a variety of different fungi. Although tinea pedis can affect any.

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Symptoms · Itchy, scaly red rash between your toes · Small, red blisters (usually on your soles or between your toes) · Ongoing dryness and scaling on the soles. Athlete's foot is a term often used to describe a fungal infection (or dermatophytosis) Treatment for athlete's foot should begin with general measures. What are the symptoms? · Peeling, cracking, and scaling of the feet. · Redness, blisters, or softening and breakdown (maceration) of the skin. · Itching, burning.

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The signs of athlete's foot, singly or combined, include the following: Athlete's foot may spread to the soles of the feet and to the toenails. It can be. The early signs & symptoms of Athlete's Foot include: This infection will often start on or between your toes, spread further down to the soles of your feet. Athlete's foot symptoms · Itchy and burning toes and feet · Scaly, very dry, cracked or peeling skin · Splitting, softening or whitening skin between toes.